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Accident Insurance

Covering Financial Losses After an Accident

Even if your passions are bringing you a lot of pleasure, like snowmobiling, scuba diving or mountain biking; they are carring their part of risk. And even for those who do not practice risky activities, they are not without the risk of an accident. The Accident Insurance is giving the insured people a temporary or long-term indemnity in case of accident that can allow you to take the time to recover in order to get back to work more easily.

This type of insurance is meant for everybody, but particularily to seasonnal workers, to workers that do a lot of manual labour, to athlètes, to extreme sports pratcitionners, to snowmobiling enthousiasts, to ATV drivers, to motocross drivers, etc. It consists of a garateed delivery contract, meaning that there will be no medical questions, and that you are immediatly covered 24/7 anytime during the year. One of the advantages is taht it is not costly and therefore is accessible to all.

The acquisition of an accident insurance allow you to cover financial losses in case of:

  • Accident;
  • Broken bones;
  • Invalidity;
  • Accidental Death and Mutilation;
  • Hospitalization.