Rail Services Financiers - Assurance maladie, médicament, dentaire

Health, Medication & Dental Insurance

Preventing the Unexpected & Covering Health Costs

Government healthcare programs don't cover the costs of all medications and of all the necessary treatments offered outside of the hospital. A health protection, medication, dental plan covers you and your family in case of incidentals, but also the corrent costs of healthcare.

A life, medication, dental insurance helps you to:

  • Cover the costs of healthcare (physiotherapy, vision care, diabetic assessories, etc.);
  • Reduce the costs of medications;
  • Cover the cotst of dental care.

Garanteed Access Plan

The Garanteed Access plan is designed to be added to your collective insurance plan. If you loose your collective health care plan during the Garanteed Access policy term after a career change, reduction of the workforce or retirement, you will have access to a Options Plus peronnal health care plan. Your future eligibility is protected by taking your present health condition into account.

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