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Life Insurance

Insure the Financial Security of Your Family

It is crucial to be covered by a life insurance in order to assure the financial security of your family after your death. The Life Insurance is a lump sum paid at the moment of death to a benificiary that you would've chosen in order to cover the numerous losses that the death has induced, both personnaly and corporatly.

There is a lot of life insurance products, for example: temporary life insurance, permanent life insurance, life insurance with participation, life insurance without medical questions, universal life insurance, accidental life insurance or life insurance on loan. With these numerous products, the choice can look to be hard, but let us guide you with our judicious recommandations that will be able to furfill your existant needs. Also, with over 20 companies with which we do business, we can find the best possible price for you. It it important to know that the earlier you subscribe, the better are the advantages.

Personnal (Family)

A personnal Life Insurance allows you to:

  • Replace the descesed revenu;
  • Paid the funeral fees, homologation and last fees;
  • Make a planned donation (make a donation to the organization of your choice after your death);
  • Pay a morgage or other personnal debt;
  • Incresse your family succession;
  • Pay taxes after a second death (after the death of the father and of the mother).


A Life Insurance for your employees allows you to:

  • Cover the fees induced by the loss of an key employee;
  • Buy the stocks of a stockholder after a death;
  • Pay sucession taxes;
  • Make a planned donation to an organization of your choice;
  • Pay a morgage or another commercial debt.