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Severe Illness Insurance

Keep Your Way of Life During an Illness

Nobody is immuned to a severe illness: 40% of Canadian womena dn 45% of Canadians men will be suffering from one type of cancer during their lifetime. A severe illness insurance garantees that a set amount is given to a chosen beneficiary when a severe illness is diagnosed, therefore protecting your lifestyle and your financial obligations.

Besides cancer, the primary illnesses contracted are heart attacks and strokes, but it is also possible to be covered against secondary illnesses like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer'S diseasem paralusis, bypass surgery, kidney failure, Parkinson's disease, vital organ transplant from a waiting list, vital organ transplant, motor neural disease, bacterial menegitis, aotra surgery, heart valves replacement, aplsatic anemia, loss of autonomy, blindness, loss of hearing, severe burns, loss of speech, come, minor cerebral tumors, loss of limbs or HIV infection contracted at work.

There is a lot of severe illness insurance products: temporay insurance, permanent insurance ou permenant insurance with 100% rembursment of premiums; and it is very easy to adapt the product to all budgets. This insurance helps your family or your corporation to get through this diffucult period that represents an illness. It is also important to cover your children since this allows you to take a leave to care for your child, since the best remedy is often mother's or father's arms.

Personnal of Family Severe Illness Insurance

A Severe Illness Insurance will allow you to:

  • Replace your salary;
  • Paiy your morgage or other debts;
  • Access better care.

Business Severe Illness Insurance

A Severe Illness Insurance for your employees will allow to:

  • Cover financial losses created by the invalidity of a key employee;
  • Garantee a revenu un case of invalidity of a stockholder or an associate;
  • Get access to bettre care.